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Kiel Thomas arrested at Hangout FestMay 24, 2017 - Gulf Shores, AL (GSA) - For the second year in a row, Kiel Thomas Sheppard, 32, of Newport, Florida left the Hangout Music Festival in handcuffs. Sheppard was arrested on Sunday, May 21, 2017 for doing business without a license after he was discovered selling Hangout Music Fest wristbands just outside the venue. Sheppard was also arrested in 2016 under similar circumstances.

His 2017 arrest is different and significantly more concerning to law enforcement. This year Sheppard was selling stolen Staff and Vendor wristbands. Police said these wristbands could potentially allow anyone that obtained one into secure areas. When apprehended by Gulf Shores Police Officers Sheppard had 9 authentic staff wristbands and 4 vendor wristbands. How many he sold prior to being caught on the last day of the festival is still unknown.

Chief Edward Delmore said, “In this day and age it is a major concern if just one person has unauthorized access to those areas – not to mention if several people do. There would be no vetting and no way of knowing what their intent is. It is a serious internal control issue.” He added that police were not notified of the missing wristbands prior to arresting Sheppard.

Hangout representatives told police it is believed the wristbands were stolen from the box office earlier in the week. GSPD says HOMF has not provided any suspect information to police.

Police said Sheppard also had a number of counterfeit bills in his possession. GSPD Officers have talked with federal agents regarding the bogus currency.

Sheppard remains in GSPD custody. He will eventually be transported to the Baldwin County Jail. His arrest last year was a misdemeanor violation. Sheppard failed to appear in court for that violation and had an active warrant for his arrest. Police said that this time based on the value of the wristbands he had in his possession - he faces felony charges.