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August 24, 2017 - Orange Beach, AL (OBA) – According to city documents, the Orange Beach City Council will consider partnering with CenturyLink to provide fiber optic technology to city residences.
On Aug. 28 the council will vote on putting up $1 million toward the project. If approved, CenturyLink will then have four customer forums in September at the community center with the goal of signing up 1,000 residents for a $25 deposit.
According to Councilman Jerry Johnson, CenturyLink has divided the city into seven zones. In addition to the 1,000 subscribers, the company also seeks to sign up 33 percent of the households in at least one of the seven districts. Johnson is chairman of the Telecommunications and Technology Committee for the city.
“We have been searching for about two years to find someone who would bring fiber to the residences, to the neighborhoods,” Johnson said.
Jerry JohnsonIf Orange Beach comes on board, it would be the first town in a new program by CenturyLink targeting smaller cities.
Johnson said the Orange Beach contribution would be placed in escrow until the subscriber thresholds are met. And when people sign up to be in the program, that money will be paid back to the city, eventually, Johnson said, getting back the “economic development investment.”
The service will cost $60 a month for 100 megabytes per second service and $80 for one gigabyte per second. Check out CenturyLink for more details and a map.