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October 18, 2017 – Orange Beach, AL (OBA) – Flippers’ Chef Mike Myers loves football season. And when it comes to the tourist season, he’ll break out the football analogy.
“You go through training camp with spring break, but once game time’s here, it’s on,” he said. “Every night is Friday night. From Monday through Sunday. It’s a battle to execute the way you’re supposed to do, then turn around and do it all over again on six and a half hours sleep.”
One reason the staff is working so hard at Flippers is its explosion on the local dining scene during the past few years. It all came together through a little marketing, social media and reviews on the website.
The method Myers likes best are his local customers spreading the word to friends and family which starts a chain reaction to more and happier guests.
“Word of mouth starts right here in the taste buds when it comes to food,” he said with a grin. “Not only are they your word of mouth, locals are your fall and winter business.”
All of those elements came together in 2017 for one of the biggest years ever at the restaurant overlooking Bear Point Marina. Myers points to General Manager Kathy Adams as a driving force and her marketing efforts during the past few years.
“Things really started to take off,” Myers said. “We slowly implemented the marketing she put in and now it’s starting to come to fruition. Our business has grown by leaps and bound. We were a bit shocked by the growth of the business in just one year. We credit that to a tenured kitchen staff that portends to our custom style of cooking. I think it’s what separates us.”
Flippers prides itself on a great selection of steaks which are all choice grade or higher, aged and hand cut by Myers, fresh seafood, homemade gumbo, custom pastas and the best white chocolate bread pudding on the island. Finish that with our free homemade ice cream (which Flippers also uses to make its famous bushwackers) and completes your dining experience.
Two of the most popular steaks are the Steerbutt and Cajun ribeye, the second being a personal favorite of Myers.
Flippers ribeye

“I will tell you, it’s a world beater,” he said. “You can’t beat that blackened steak with that Cajun topping. If you like a little bit of spice with your meal, a little bit of andouille, bell pepper, shrimp, crab meat and crawfish topped with tiger sauce and tiger butter then this will exceed your expectations.
“There’s not much on the menu here that I’m not pretty ecstatic about.”
On the seafood side, the menu is full of specialty grouper and tuna dishes topped by Myers’ legendary sauces. The Greek Grouper is grilled and topped with a blend of Greek seasonings, olive oil, lemon, onion, tomato, mushrooms, Kalamata olives and feta cheese.
If you want your grouper blackened, get it Bienville style. It’s fresh Gulf grouper topped with crawfish and mushroom cream sauce. The pecan-encrusted grouper comes with pecan breading, panned and topped with Tasso cream sauce.
Flippers also brings quality fried dishes of shrimp, fish, oysters and crab claws, breaded in 
buttermilk and their homemade seasoned flour.
A variety of sandwiches are offered including a traditional po’ boy, Reuben, a selection of burgers and Myers’ specialty, chicken salad. It comes with crispy bacon slices and American cheese.
“Mike’s Homestyle Chicken Salad, that’s one of our favorites,” he said. “We always have to share it when I make some. We do shooters. Crostini chicken salad shooters. You have to make sure it’s good and have a second opinion.”
Appetizers available include the traditional raw oysters, crab claws and Maryland-style crab cakes. But two favorites have emerged there as well.
Flippers fried shrimp dinner.
“This year we’ve really sold a lot more tuna dip,” General Manager Adams said. “Last year we were making 10 dishes a night and this year we’re making 20 to 25.”
It’s another specialty Myers makes fresh in-house with yellowfin tuna.
“We do 40 pounds a week during the season,” he said. “That’s a lot of fish.”
He also makes up the topping for the popular seafood nachos.
“All the years I’ve been doing them, and I make the nacho mix, I’ve never had them " he said. “The fish we use is nice and mild and got a great flavor to it.”
It is a blend of shrimp, scallops and fish sautéed with bell peppers and onion, queso cheese topped with lettuce, tomato and sliced jalapenos.
While the season began to taper, Myers and crew are still hard at it making up the specialty dishes Flippers offers.
“You’re only as good as your next plate,” Myers said.
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