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Devil on the Bayou, center, a deviled egg with pureed Tasso and shrimp with a fried oyster topper, is one of several oyster dishes on the Brick & Spoon menu.
 October 13, 2017 - Orange Beach, AL (OBA) – Some menu staples have helped entrench the iconic Brick & Spoon in the Pleasure Island restaurant scene during its first four years.
And while you can’t look past an epic Bloody Mary with its countless options, there’s also a traditional dish with a unique twist: deviled eggs topped by a fresh-fried oyster.
Twists on traditional fare are the norm in the Brick & Spoon kitchen, and a big reason the franchise was named as one of the top 10 breakfast spots in the U.S. by Travel + Leisure magazine.
But it’s “Devil on the Bayou” that still has the attention of owner Eric Beech.
“It’s a deviled egg with a shrimp and Tasso puree,” he said. “Tasso is a Cajun-cured ham. We sauté the shrimp and Tasso and we puree it and we put it in a piping bag with the egg yokes and mayonnaise and sriracha aioli. We pipe it back into the deviled egg and we put a fried oyster on top.
“It’ll change yo’ life. It’ll change yo’ life.”
Soft-shell crab Benedict.
Brick & Spoon in Orange Beach was the second of the brunch concept to open and Beech was the first franchisee, with the original store in Lafayette, La. The Orange Beach location is open 7 a.m.-2 p.m. daily and many mornings during the busy season the parking lot overflows.
A new location recently opened in Mobile and another is planned for New Orleans on Poydras Street.
A former manager for Tacky Jack’s in Orange Beach, Beech met the previous owners of the Lafayette restaurant during their vacation here.
“Two guys approached me and sounded me out and said he wanted to start up a concept,” Beech said. “Kind of told me a little bit about it and I wanted to buy into it.”
When he saw the menu, he was hooked.
“We specialize in Benedicts,” Beech said. “We have six different kinds of Benedicts. We have a Korean barbecue Benedict, and oyster bed Benedict, a vegetable Benedict. A classic Benedict po’ boy as well.”
Start with your basic eggs and a traditional Benedict base. Then forget everything you ever knew about Benedicts.
“It’s poached eggs with hollandaise sauce,” Beech said. “Like on the Korean barbecue, Benedict we have an English muffin opened up with Korean barbecue beef, topped with poached eggs, homemade Hollandaise sauce and mango salsa. That’s served with pomme frites (French fries) and a seasonal fruit.”
If oysters are a favorite, have some of the fried delicacies on top of your Benedict with pecan-smoked bacon in addition to the regular poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.
For a sweet touch for breakfast or brunch, Brick & Spoon also has specialty French toast dishes.
“We do a banana Fosters French toast,” he said. “We also do a French toast that is stuffed with mascarpone cheese and cream cheese with a fruit topping of various berries, blueberries, and raspberries. Beignets as well.”
One of the several tasty omelet recipes is stuffed with crab meat and sweet peppers. Others offer a Mexican flare with salsas and chorizo, a Caribbean jerk variety, spinach and bacon and a traditional ham with three kinds of cheese.
For the more traditional tastes, Brick & Spoon offers three kinds of burgers and six sandwich choices and paninis. The “Grown Up Grilled Cheese” is anything but traditional. It comes with a fried egg, bacon, smoked gouda and Monterey Jack cheeses, tomato and mixed greens, feta cheese with sundried tomato pesto and aioli.
If you’re looking for some comfort food, the Shrimp and Tasso Mac N Cheese will fill the bill. It comes with Gulf shrimp Tasso, Cavatappi pasta, smoked gouda mornay sauce and truffle oil, served with toast points.
The iconic Brick & Spoon Bloody Mary.
Brick & Spoon also offers breakfast tacos with chorizo and wonton shells, shrimp and grits or the All-American: two eggs any way you like ‘em, pecan-smoked bacon, Canadian bacon, biscuit, and grits.
At the Brick & Spoon, you can even make your Bloody Mary a meal.
“We’ll have up to 50 ingredients that you can put into it and it comes in a 20-ounce glass,” he said. “You fill it out at the table like a sushi menu.”
The basic $10 Bloody Mary comes with five vegetables chosen from a list of 18. You also get two choices from a list of eight meats and cheeses. You can add extra veggies for 20 cents each, meats and cheeses for $1 or you can add a boiled or seafood stuffed egg for $1.50.
Watch your mimosas, infused with blackberry, blueberry, mango, pineapple and a seasonal fruit, make a grand entrance to your table.
“You pick three out of the five and it comes to the table with a brick,” Beech said. “We’re the Brick & Spoon.”
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