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White Pelicans in Orange BeachOct. 24, 2017 - Orange Beach, AL (OBA) - We're at that time of year when the white pelicans are passing our way on their annual migration. Several groups of white pelicans were flying high in the sky through Orange Beach on Monday. Phillip West, Coastal Resources Manage for Orange Beach, spotted 6 groups of white pelicans passing over throughout the day. Phillip said we may see more over the next few days. The cold front that passed through has them on the move south. 
Sheila Creech captured the photo on the right about a week ago showing white pelicans resting on the west end of Walker Island. 
While the white pelicans we saw today were too high to get good photos or video, we've collected a few videos showing the characteristics of the white pelicans' life and migration.
Below is a series of 8 videos about white pelicans. The first video is a very revealing and heart warming story about a pelican and his human.