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Makaira Fishing Charters
Photo by Rachel Beau, Beach Love Photography
October 29, 2017 - Orange Beach, AL (OBA) - On the morning of October 28th beach goers saw something they didn't expect... A large fishing boat out of Destin sitting on the beach in front of the Breakers Condos.
A story, that at this point doesn't appear to be accurate, started circulating through some media outlets that the captain had the boat on autopilot, fell asleep and hit a sandbar. 
According to a member of the Makaira Fishing Charters crew, Patrick Michael Murphy Jr., on his Facebook post here's what happened...
Orange Beach, boat on the beachWent 4/5 on blue marlin and 1/1 on whites. Making 30 blue marlin, 2 whites, and a hatchet marlin for a great end to an epic season. Came inshore to hug the Beach back to Destin after 2 days of fishing to escape storms and north wind and got stalled out on a sandbar that wasn’t there last time we came through the area. Stalled us just long enough for the waves to push us onto the beach. We have heard rumors that we were asleep while the boat was underway which is untrue. Everyone aboard was awake in the flybridge helping watch in the storm. This could happen to anyone. Everyone on the boat is safe. The boat is fine and ready to fly some flags here in a bit.
As of this morning they are still working on floating the boat. Below is a video of the Makaira showing it's current situation.
Brent Williams captured this photo of the boat on the beach from  Turquoise Place.

Video by David Hutchins.
Rebecca Bryan captured this view at 1:00 pm on Oct. 29th. 
Boat on Beach in Orange Beach