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How to Build a Ghost Shrimp Pump | Great Days Outdoors

Of all the small sea creatures hidden under the white sand of the Emerald Coast beaches, Beach Ghost Shrimp Callichirus islagrande may well be about the most important and least recognized for surf and pier fishermen. Many anglers are familiar with using penaeid shrimp or even mole crabs (sand fleas) as fish bait. But beach ghost shrimp often make up a larger percentage of natural food items for pompano, drum, sheepshead and other fish living in the surf zone. They are not commonly seen because fish seem to snap them up faster than $20 bills in a Walmart parking lot. But pieces of ghost shrimp are often found in the stomachs of these fish at the cleaning table, proving how often they are eaten.

Source: How to Build a Ghost Shrimp Pump | Great Days Outdoors

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