Baldwin County is looking to develop a boat ramp and recreational area near The Wharf in Orange Beach.By John Mullen
May 15, 2018 – Orange Beach, AL (OBA®) - The Baldwin County Commission announced on May 15 it is looking to buy a piece of property on the north side of the Intracoastal Canal and west of the Foley Beach Express toll bridge for recreational use.
According to post on Commissioner Chris Elliott’s website, the county has executed a letter of intent to purchase parcels totaling about 45 acres. Preliminary plans are to build 12 boat ramps with parking for 450 boat trailers and parking for about 50 vehicles. The site would also include two kayak launches.
A map released by the county shows some other areas for development of future amenities including picnic pavilions along the water. It is expected to be a more than $10 million dollar project paid for with money from oil and gas lease proceeds from the Gulf of Mexico Energy Securities Act to purchase and develop the land.
“This will significantly approve the public’s access to our waterways,” Elliott said.
According to Baldwin County tax records, there are two parcels in the indicated area on the county’s map that are owned by Forty Seven Canal Place LLC with a Memphis address. The 34-acre parcel was appraised at more than $2.1 million in 2016 and the 11-acre parcel west of it was appraised at more than $600,000 in the same year.