is a digital coupon site supporting schools and youth groups in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Alabama. 
By John Mullen
June 20, 2018 – Orange Beach, AL (OBA®) – The way Brian Krstich sees it, his new Internet fundraising coupon site will be beneficial to all involved.
“We wanted to make something that was a win, win, win for everybody,” Brian said. “The restaurants and businesses are getting everything for free, the kids are getting an absolute value that sells, and the customer gets reusable coupons that do not need to be printed, right on their phone.”
He believes everyone will win with the new GulfCoastDiscounts.Com website he and wife Polly recently launched. Memberships are $25 for a year with 60 percent of that going to youth organizations on Pleasure Island. Those include PTOs for all the island schools, the Orange Beach Sports Association and the Dolphin Athletic Club for Gulf Shores High School. Members must specify which organization they are affiliated with.
There is also a two-week signup available to tourists for $5.
Gulf Shores, Alabama, High School.
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We’ve got a couple of different ways that they can sell memberships,” Brian said. “One way is we simply create a link on our website for the organization. For example, If you go to it automatically attaches an affiliate link to that visitor and if they make a purchase it’s automatically credited to the Orange Beach Elementary School PTO. They can simply post their link on Facebook or send it out in email letters or any digital method.”
Members can select which group they want to support with their purchase by visiting the site’s ‘Who we support’ page or by clicking on the icons on this page for each organization.
Click to support Orange Beach, Alabama, Elementary School.
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Schools, churches and just about any other youth organization can sell the memberships to raise funds for specific causes. A new feature is coming this fall to allow those public sales. 
“What we’re going to offer is a scratch-off card that has a randomly generated serial number on the back and they can sell those direct to people if they set up in front of Publix or at the Orange Beach Seafood Festival,” Brian said. “They can sell these cards direct to the consumer, collect the money and then they only pay for the cards that they sell.” 
“For the consumer, all they have to do is go to the
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 website to register, they scratch off the code on the back, they enter that when they register and automatically activate their membership.”
If there is no affiliation selected then 50 percent of the cost is still donated back, Brian said. 
“We still split that 50-50 and 50 percent of that goes into a pool and we split that pool 50-50 between the organizations in the cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach,” Brian said.
For the businesses to sign up, it’s a simple matter of saying yes. Brian builds everything for them including a
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Orange Beach Sports Association
 listing on the site about their business with a way to call, a map, social connections and even a place where members can offer a review. There’s even a slideshow of food or products at the top of the page.
“The businesses loved the idea,” Brian said. “Basically, for the businesses, we offer them absolutely free advertising. All we ask is they offer a coupon and that they display one of our signs to show they are part of our network. I made it where there’s absolutely no work for them to do.”
The win for the consumer is a coupon right on their phone. They show the server the coupon, a restaurant
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 staffer enters a code and it is marked redeemed.
“I know we’ve bought the coupon book before and its either at home or in the car and we forgot to bring it in,” Brian said. “People just don’t go anywhere without their phone. People have been doing coupon books for ages but we wanted to bring it into the 21st century and make it digital.” 
Brian has been an internet marketer and web designer for 15 years. Polly says he’s even made logos for local businesses who have joined the site. So far 150 businesses are signed up and just over 200 members have registered on the site to use coupons.
Click to support Gulf Shores, Alabama, Dolphin Athletic Club.
Dolphin Athletics Club
“This website is something I’ve kind of had working in my mind for about three or four years and finally we had all the right technology in place where I could put it all together cost-effectively,” Brian said. 
Soon after getting it up and running he and wife Polly hit the streets telling restaurants and other businesses about the new site. The goal now is to attract members.
“That’s sort of the phase we are in at this point,” Polly said. “We had to build it up, we needed to talk to business owners and get them on board and now we’re in the process of spreading the word and letting people know this product is out there.”