Flora-Bama Loungeby John Mullen

"Try starting a company named Coki-Cola and see how that works."

November 24, 2017 – Orange Beach, AL (OBA) – Perhaps veteran Flora-Bama® entertainer Jack Robertson said it best.

“If they can’t even come up with their own name, I’m sure their show has nothing original about it either,” Jack, aka ‘Big Earl,’ said in a Facebook post.

Fans of the iconic and world-famous beach bar are both confused and outraged over an MTV show, far from reality, called “FloriBama Shore.”

Flora-Bama® owners would just say they approached us about doing a show, when we said no they took our name and did one anyway 100 miles down the beach. They only recently changed the name slightly.

Fans are asking “is it about the Bama?” as the bar is known to locals and visitors all over the world. “Or is it just a rip off of the name to ride the coattails of the Bama’s fame?”

The show is scheduled to launch on Nov. 27. Producers say in promotions it will be a Gulf Coast version of “Jersey Shore,” where a group of rowdy, partying 20-somethings, get drunk and spark short-term relationships.

Even more confusing for fans is the show was filmed in Panama City, Florida, three hours east of the Flora-Bama® and the state line that famously carries its name.

Flora-Bama® owner John McIinnis’ attorney Vince Kilborn is planning a lawsuit, according to published reports. The Flora-Bama also sent a cease-and-desist order to MTV and its parent company, Viacom, the same reports said.

On Nov. 21 the bar asked fans on its Facebook page to contact MTV and Viacom presidents to express their displeasure. It was picked up by all local media with thousands of shares and hundreds of comments.

Some examples of the comments include:

Ken C.: Try starting a company named Coki-Cola and see how that works.

Sharon T.: No, no, no! FLORA-BAMA is such a sacred place in many ways. We don't need outsiders making it something that it's not.

Kim M.: They are misrepresenting not only the location but the establishment as well. Just as illegal as “Identity Theft.”

Janet N.: Yes, I did see this and it was very confusing.

Local officials are expressing displeasure with the show’s name and its representation of coastal residents.

“There is a lot of concern,” Gulf Shores spokesman Grant Brown said. “Any kind of portrayal of our region and our area being anything but a family-friendly destination goes against what we’ve worked so hard for years to overcome and the negative portrayal of the state of Alabama community.”

Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon said, “The cities of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores along with the South Alabama region hold dear our traditional family values. We are a family friendly vacation destination having absolutely nothing in common with what the show represents.”

Flora-Bama® posted the following on its Facebook page on Nov. 21:

"For 53 years THE Flora-Bama® has been slinging drinks, tossing mullets, entertaining people from around the world, and hosting live music. Hunkered down smack in the middle of the Florida/Alabama state line, THE Flora-Bama® has survived a fire, several hurricanes, bad economies, and the worst oil spill in our nation’s history. Yet, we’ve recently learned that MTV and Viacom are using our name and reputation to promote their latest “reality” series, after approaching us in 2013 about the same. We’ve asked them to stop. They’ve refused. As made clear by the CMT documentary that Viacom aired on THE Flora-Bama® in 2014 to millions, there is only ONE Flora-Bama®. Maybe they will listen to you…"

The links on the names go to their LinkedIn accounts where you can email them.

Viacom President & CEO – Bob Bakish
MTV President - Chris McCarthy