Voyagers' dry-aged porterhouse steak with Bienville sauce.
Voyagers Restaurant in Orange BeachNovember 22, 2017 – Orange Beach, AL (OBA) - Executive Chef Brody Olive aims to serve dishes that are more than just a meal at the Perdido Beach Resort’s flagship restaurant, Voyagers.  
“Dining in Voyagers is an experience to be had,” says Olive.  “Voyagers is not the type of restaurant where you come to grab a quick bite.  We provide our patrons with an engaging experience.”  Olive and the Voyagers staff carry on a long-standing tradition of culinary excellence that Voyagers has provided to Orange Beach diners since 1986.  Specializing in authentic coastal cuisine, Voyagers features a seasonal menu consisting of local produce, sustainable seafood, and organic meats. 
“The key to building a loyal customer base is the repertoire and relationships you create with one another,” says Olive.  “It is really neat to be able to talk to patrons who remember coming to Voyagers as children along with their parents and now do the same thing with their families.”
Olive credits the restaurant’s popularity over the years to the first class service provided by the Voyagers staff.  “Most of our servers have been with Voyagers for 10-plus years.  Eddie Soto, our maître’d, has been with Voyagers for 20 years. The restaurant is a gem in the area.”
Voyagers filet.
At the center of the Voyagers dining experience is fresh Alabama Gulf Coast seafood.  Seasonal selections of fish served at Voyagers include swordfish, a variety of grouper, and a whole fish which can be flounder, pompano, or hogfish.  The restaurant is part of the Gulf Wild program which ensures that all seafood served is responsibly caught and harvested by local fisherman operating in the Gulf of Mexico.  “80 percent of our fish are tagged, which is very important.  This gives us the ability to pinpoint where a fish was caught within 20 nautical miles” Olive says.  
For those looking for options other than seafood, Voyagers serves multiple innovative dishes reflecting regional tastes including a Beeler's Farm pork chop, a rack of venison, a Perdido stuffed chicken, and several varieties of steaks with numerous sauce and crown selections.  “Voyagers serves 7 different types of steaks, including bone-in,” says Olive.  “All of our steaks are dry aged for a minimum of 35 days and up to 54 days.”
Completing the stand-out dining experience at Voyagers are the dessert and bread selections created by pastry chef, Lennon Harrison.  According to Olive, the pastry chef provides both the first and last impression of the dining experience.  “Lennon Harrison is, in my opinion, the most talented pastry chef in Alabama.  He has the ability to create unique desserts that play off Southern classics,” says Olive.  
Having been at Voyagers just under two years, Olive looks forward to continuing to provide patrons with a one-of-a-kind dining experience and to expand the restaurant’s ever-growing patron base.  “Voyagers is the best it’s ever been right now,” Olive says.  “Things have just changed and evolved.  There’s fire and passion in the restaurant.”
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