Gulf State Park Nature Center FalconVia Gulf State Park social media
January 8, 2018 - (OBA) - Hawkeye became a falconry bird when he was just a hatchling in 2015. Falconry goes back many years in some cultures and it’s a sport that involves hunting with a bird of prey (hawks, falcons, owls, etc.). Hawkeye at the Gulf State Park Nature Center.
He learned to trust his handler and started going on his own hunts to find food. Sadly, Hawkeye got West Nile virus while out hunting, which effected his depth perception.
Since being able to see correctly is key in surviving, a decision was made to keep him in captivity. Hawkeye is now partaking in our Radical Raptors program series.
Some people might ask how we know Hawkeye is a boy since both sexes look identical. Just like owls, you can tell by the size of the individual bird. Based on Hawkeyes weight and size we assume he is a boy.
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