The Fuller-Tyler family from Sarepta, Louisiana, made a lip-sync video in Orange Beach, Alabama.
Claire Tyler Lay
By John Mullen
August 6, 2018 – Orange Beach, AL (OBA®) – The Fuller-Tyler family – all 15 of ‘em – were winding down a week’s stay in Orange Beach when Claire Tyler Lay had a song pop in her head.
“Summer Nights” from the John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John movie Grease is about a fun-filled summer finally coming to an end. Much like the Tylers and Fullers who were scheduled to leave the next day. (Check out the video here.)
“I just happened to be singing that song and said ‘hey, let’s make a video’ and we just did,” Claire said. “We were just sitting out on the beach and decided it would be a good idea.”
That was about noon. By 8 or 9  o’clock that night the final product was ready. The result was a stunning production that included everyone in the family lip-synching several lines with the beautiful beach as a backdrop in most of the shots. The family is from Sarepta, Louisiana. It has been viewed on social media 22 million times with more than 16 million on Instagram, 4.3 million on Twitter, 14,000 on YouTube and nearly 700,000 on Facebook.
Aaron Fuller
“The beach looked like the best place to do it,” Claire said. “We were all out there and it was our last day. So, we said ‘hey, let’s do something cool.’”
The quality and creativity stand out from start to “the random guy who wanted to be in it” waving from the elevator, the only nonfamily member in the video. And it was all done on a cell phone.
“I just did it with an app on my phone,” Claire said. “We’d film a part, somebody’d sing it and we’d stop it. And we’d go to the next one if we liked it. Pretty simple. It was an all-day thing.”
She didn’t share it right away but when she did it went viral on several social media sites.
“I didn’t post it until we were already headed home and then within two minutes I had 20 or 30 comments and I was like ‘y’all, this is getting bigger than we expected,’” Claire said. “Then I posted it to my Twitter, too, and it got even bigger than on Facebook, or faster. Now they are about even. 
“Right now, we are almost to a million views. It’s up there. We didn’t expect that many.”
This past Sunday afternoon the family was all together for Sunday dinner and they took a call from us at OBA to do be interviewed for this article.
Callie Tyler
“You caught us together here on a Sunday,” Claire said. “Every Sunday we eat dinner together after church. All 15 or 16 of us.”
Doing the video is just one way this tight-knit family enjoys time together.
“That’s just kind of how we are just always coming up with something fun to do, Fullers and Tylers,” Claire said.
It was so much fun the family is working on another video using the Smashmouth song “All Star.” This may be the springboard even greater fame, Claire hopes.
“I think we need our own TV show, that’s what we all think,” she said to a round of laughter from the gathered family.
THE CAST: Delbert Fuller, Granddaddy, 72 years old; Minnie Kay Fuller, Ma, 70 years old, buried in the sand; Jared Tyler, cowboy hat; Lyndi Tyler, jellyfish tube; Claire Tyler Lay, videographer; Austin Lay, binocular boy; Ethan Tyler, playing video games; Callie Tyler, backflip; Will Boyett, “cause he sounds like a drag”; Don Fuller, “met a girl crazy for me”; Lisa Fuller, “met a boy cute as can be”; Korie Fuller McMullan, girl at the very beginning; Aaron Fuller, “but ya don’t gotta brag”; Jay Fuller, all the dance moves; Sarah Fuller, sunflower shirt
Lyndi Tyler, left, and Sarah Fuller