One injured in accidental Bear Point shooting in Orange Beach, Alabama.

By John Mullen

December 22, 2018 – Orange Beach, AL (OBA®) – Orange Beach police say an accidental shooting in Bear Point on Friday night is still under investigation but Lt. Carl Bradley said they believe it was just that – an accident. 

“Two male subjects in a trailer there at 5699 Perdido Avenue and one of the male subjects had a Springfield .40 caliber compact and thought it was unloaded because he had unloaded it earlier,” Bradley said. “He pulled the slide back and when he released it a round fired off from it. His friend was standing beside him and the round went through both of his legs and came out the other side. If had been an inch closer he would have hit a main artery in his leg and he would have likely bled out.”


When officers first got the call, the person calling said he shot himself in both legs, Bradley said and raised suspicions of officers. Neighbors were also wondering why the police were on the scene so long.

“We were wondering how you could do that,” Bradley said. “That’s why we investigated it the way we did. We set up a perimeter around the house because we had to type up a search warrant then drive for an hour and find a judge to sign it and then come back. We searched the interior to find anything that would lead to the incident and in case we found anything else we’d have the search warrant.”

The victim was flown to Sacred Heart in Pensacola which is standard procedure for gunshot victims. He was released before midnight, Bradley said.