July 9, 2018 - (OBA®) - It's that time of year again when the gulf coast gets Blues Fever. There will be lots of opportunities coming up over the next few days to see the Blue Angels flying over Pensacola Beach. 
Here's the schedule. (All of these events take place over Pensacola Beach.) 
Wed. July 11th - Breakfast with the Blues at Pensacola Beach... If you go out to Pensacola Bach on the morning of the 11th you'll be able to see the Blues practicing for their show on the 14th. The Blues are expected to fly at 8am. Of course it depends on the weather. 
Thur. July 12th - There will be a practice flight demonstration with the Blue Angels at 2pm (weather dependent).
Fri. July 13th - Full Dress Rehearsal starts at noon on Pensacola Beach. The Blue Angels will fly at 2 pm (weather dependent). 
Sat. July 14th - Pensacola Beach Air Show featuring the Blue Angels Show begins at noon. The Blue Angels will fly at 2pm (weather dependent).
Be prepared for large crowds, lots of traffic and hot weather. Take and drink plenty of water and use sunscreen. 
We had the unique opportunity to fly on Fat Albert during the 2017 Airshow. Here's a video showing what it looked like from inside the C-130. 
 Blue Angels video... 
Blue Angels photos...