Rum Sisters Orange Beach
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August 22, 2018- Orange Beach, AL (OBA®) - In July of 2014, Elizabeth Jones and her husband Kel Jones were busy promoting their aviation business, Executive Aviation Group. In an effort to grow their business they decided to be sponsors in a local fishing tournament, called the Blue Marlin Grand Championship.

As sponsors of this fishing tournament, they were asked to have gifts for each entry in the tournament. There were 75 fishing vessels that year. They wanted to give out unique gifts that would be remembered.

Elizabeth turned to a family recipe (her Mom Linda’s) and she, along with a friend, produced 75 rum cakes out of the Jones’ home kitchen. Each was wrapped and placed in a tin to help market the aviation business.

Upon arrival at the tournament check-in, each vessel was given a cake. Before the tournament even got off to a start, the calls were coming into Executive Aviation Group for information on these amazing cakes. People were asking where they could buy these? What bakery did they come from? Some participants even went as far to say that if they could order these as corporate gifts, they would.

See how Rum Sisters makes their alcohol-infused cakes.
See how the cakes are made in this video.

From that moment a business idea was sparked! Elizabeth knew this had potential. The question was how, where and what. How could a rum cake business be a success on the Gulf Coast?

By September of 2014, it was clear that this business idea had merit. During the remaining part of that summer, Elizabeth had few of the Chefs in the area try the cake. They fell in love with the cakes. One even went as far as challenging Elizabeth to make a Bushwacker Rum Cake. Well, not only did it turn out to be a success, it also pushed the envelope in her desire to create a Gluten Free version. This then pushed the idea into creating other alcohol-infused cakes.

In November of 2014, two weeks before Thanksgiving, Rum Sisters Bakery opened it’s doors in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The business started small in a space that had most recently been a bakery.

On-line sales, as well as retail, had been part of the business plan from the start. The first Christmas season was upon them very quickly, and much to their amazement they baked over 3,000 cakes their first season. Most of those were shipped all over the U.S.

By Christmas season 2017 Rum Sisters had baked over 5,000 cakes in their tiny bakery. They were now offering more than 7 flavors of cake in three sizes. It was clear, now that the retail and online orders had grown significantly, it was time to find a new home for Rum Sisters. They not only were shipping through their website, but had now decided to expand in getting their products on Amazon.

Rum Sisters alcohol-infused cakes.In January of 2018 Rum Sisters moved to their new headquarter location in Orange Beach, Alabama. The new Bakery is over 2,700 square feet. They were able to build out the new facility to their exact specifications with; a state-of-the-art kitchen, cake packaging room, packing and shipping room, offices, employee break room and beautiful retail front.

Rum Sisters can now be found in many local businesses and restaurants along the beautiful Gulf Coast of Alabama. They also offer favors with their petite cakes that can be used for: personalizing your business, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, really any occasion.

In April of 2018 Rum Sisters introduced their Ice Cream. They have teamed with Cammie’s Old Dutch out of Mobile, Alabama to offer delectable pints of ice cream paired with chunks of their amazing cakes in every bite.

Elizabeth is so grateful to every customer who has enjoyed a Rum Sisters’ Cake! The business has been propelled into great success one customer experience at a time.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience a Rum Sisters cake, you are in for a treat! You should really stop in the bakery to meet their friendly staff, sample some cakes and decide which of the luxurious flavors should come home with you. Don’t forget you can have your cake delivered locally and/or order some cakes online at to arrive wherever you are!

The remainder of the Rum Sisters journey is unknown, but one thing is for sure- these are the best alcohol infused cakes you have ever eaten!

Remember the Rum Sisters motto, “No fighting after the last bite.”