Thieves target unlocked vehicles in Orange Beach Crime Spree.By John Mullen

December 12, 2018 – Orange Beach, AL (OBA®) – Orange Beach residents could give the police department a big assist if they would take one simple step: locking car doors.

A spate of car “break-ins” along two streets in the southeastern part of the city off of Marina Road and Cotton Bayou Drive led to loss of property, cash, cars and, in one case, a gun. The chief’s report came during a dual council meeting-work session on Dec. 11, the final council meeting of 2018.

“Between the two we had multiple vehicles broken into,” Police Chief Joe Fiero said. “I shouldn’t even say broken into. Not one of them was forcibly entered. They just pulled on the handle.”

Orange Beach, Alabama, Police Chief Joe Fiero urges citizens to take precautions during the holiday and lock homes and cars.
Thieves targeted several homes along Carondelette Drive and Cove Drive making off with whatever was left behind in the cars.

“This is snatch and grab,” Councilman Jeff Silvers said. “They grab what they can, they are gone and they leave. When they do get caught, they aren’t even from our community.”

The thieves apparently arrived in Orange Beach in a vehicle stolen from Escambia County, abandoned it here and stole two others when they left, Fiero said.

“We recovered two vehicles,” Fiero said. “One was found wrecked over in Escambia County by Florida Highway Patrol. Another we’re still looking for and we recovered a vehicle here that was stolen from Escambia County. They took one, dumped it somewhere and took another.”

City Administrator Ken Grimes said these crimes could have been prevented or less widespread had citizens taken simple precautions. The thefts also increase the city’s crime rate, Grimes said.