Lauder Place and Canal Road intersection will likely require a new traffic signal.

By John Mullen

March 14, 2019 – Orange Beach, AL (OBA®) – A proposed fourth Dollar General for Orange Beach was denied site plan approval in a unanimous vote by the city’s Planning Commission on March 11. At least four concerns were raised about the project including a change in the required buffer and safety questions.

Also this week, the city council in a regular session and work session on March 12 heard plans for a new subdivision for Lauder Lane that could bring another traffic light on Canal Road at the intersection there.

The site plan for a 9,100-square-foot retail store was applied for by the Broadway Group of Huntsville. While a Dollar General wasn’t specifically mentioned every Broadway application for retail stores – three in Orange Beach and one in Gulf Shores – resulted in a Dollar General store.

Kit Alexander, Director of Community Development and Engineering in Orange Beach, Alabama.“It was disapproved over four concerns,” Community Development Director Kit Alexander said. “One was the delivery trucks maneuvering on the site. Another was the firetruck maneuvering on the site. Another was the noise impact on the neighborhood and that was associated with solid waste pick and truck deliveries. The fourth one was the zoning buffer on the west side of the property.”

Instead of a 30-foot setback, the applicant wanted an 18-foot setback for the building on the west boundary and a five-foot setback from the parking lot.

“The planning commission has the ability per the zoning ordinance to reduce the buffer for an alternative proposed buffer but they did not support it,” Alexander said. “So, unless they can comply or provide an alternative buffer that the planning commission could support just the lack of support for that buffer causes a denial for that proposal.”