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December 17, 2019 - Baldwin County, AL - (OBA®) - To cut down on wait times and long lines at Baldwin County’s driver’s license examiners offices, the members of the Baldwin County Legislative Delegation have taken action to help fund additional positions and office hours for the sites in Fairhope and Foley.

Rep. Joe Faust (R – Fairhope) said the delegation has been aware of issues with wait times and lines at the driver’s license offices.

“Our offices have gotten many, many calls from across the county about that issue, so we began to look into what we could do to alleviate and fix problems as best as we could,” Faust said.

After continued talks with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), Faust said the delegation first offered to help with grant money to fund an additional examiner position at both the Fairhope and Foley locations.

“This just seemed to be a commonsense solution,” Rep. Harry Shiver (R – Bay Minette) said. “By having these additional examiners, more people will be able to be seen and processed through those offices.”

Sen. Chris Elliott (R – Daphne) worked with ALEA and the Baldwin County Commission to take another tack to fix the issue: having the offices open on Saturdays.

“This has been something we’ve discussed for a while now, and it’s taken some negotiations and talks with ALEA, the county and Sheriff Mack to make sure we have everything we need in place here to make this happen,” Elliott said. “This is an easy fix that will allow parents to take their teenagers in for driving tests on Saturdays, without having to pull them out of school. It’s a win-win scenario for Baldwin County with this.”

Elliott said he was thankful for the cooperation and support of the legislative delegation on this matter.

“This is something all of us are seeing at the courthouses and hearing about from our constituents, and as your representatives and senators, we wanted to do what we could do to help fix this problem,” Elliott said. “We were able to all work together and find some good solutions that we think will really help cut down those wait times and lines for the people of this county.”

Rep. Matt Simpson (R – Daphne) agreed.

“This delegation has been able to cooperate and work with one another to fix this problem, which is what we’re supposed to be doing,” Simpson said. “I’m happy we were able to work with all the different government entities involved to bring some relief to our county’s citizens.”

Baldwin County Legislative Delegation Chair Steve McMillan (R – Foley) said the delegation would continue to look for ways to improve the situation.

“We want people to continue to call us and let us know if there are issues, so that we can do what we can to help get them fixed,” McMillan said. “And we’re continuing negotiations and talks to help create more opportunities across the county for people to get their licenses in an easy and timely fashion.”