Orange Beach Bay Circle Historic Marker

February 9, 2019 - (OBA®) - City officials and the Orange Beach community gathered on February 5th to unveil the city’s newest historical marker at Bay Circle and Canal Road, adjacent to Waterfront Park.

As the Bay Circle marker states, “This area, located along the southern shore of Wolf Bay, was the original ‘DOWNTOWN’ of Orange Beach.” Before automobile industry took hold, the bayfront was the city’s main thoroughfare.


The ceremony was part of ALABAMA 200, a three-year celebration that culminates later this year, marking Alabama’s 200th anniversary of statehood. The Bay Circle plaque is the city’s sixth marker, joining others at Perdido Pass, Romar Beach, the Orange Beach Municipal Complex, Bear Point Cemetery and the Coastal Arts Center, which is the site of the original Orange Beach Hotel. Four more historical markers are planned, according to local author and historian Margaret Childress-Long, who spearheaded the effort as a member of the Baldwin County Historic Development Commission and received the support of the Orange Beach City Council.

During the ceremony, Mayor Tony Kennon said memorializing the city’s history is important.

“It’s a big deal to me, as I’m sure it is to y’all, recounting the history of our town,” Mayor Kennon said. “It goes way back and it is a special history. It’s really amazing as I’m now starting to make my little get-to-know-your-beach tour around the state, how little a lot of folks know about Orange Beach and what we do every year and we’re we came from.”

Childress-Long led the ceremony, inviting Merle Harms and Sally DeJarnette to unveil the plaque. Harms’ grandfather, Dan Callaway, and DeJarnette’s father, David DeJarnette, are mentioned in the Bay Circle marker, as part of Orange Beach’s history.