Orange Beach Bay Circle Historic Marker


The bronze marker was written by Childress-Long and read as follows:

BAY CIRCLE (front - facing west on Canal Road)

This area, located along the southern shore of Wolf Bay, was the original ‘DOWNTOWN’ of Orange Beach. Beginning in the 1870’s, the two schooners of James C. Callaway were anchored near here in the deep-water Boat Basin. The schooners were used for importing supplies or exporting products like oranges, shingles, or turpentine sap. They later service the lighthouse beacons in the Gulf of Mexico.

In 1909, D.R. Peteet bought 3,254 acres here that he called Gulf Bay Tract. He built a shingle mill near the community’s vital wharf. The 1920 Schoolhouse was also located here and was used on alternating Sunday’s by the Baptist and Presbyterians. In 1953 both built their own churches nearby. The Schoolhouse also served as a community meeting place and a place for the annual Community Picnic put on by the Home Demonstration club. The Club raised enough money to buy the land for a Community Center now located one mile east of here.

Bay Circle historical marker 2