Rosinton, Alabama


June 3, 2009 - Rosinton, AL - (OBA®) - This session, the Baldwin County Legislative Delegation passed a local bill that will allow a Nov. 2020 vote on protections for the historic Rosinton community.

The proposed amendment would define the Rosinton Landmark District within the county and would prohibit annexation by local law of any property within that district into any nearby municipalities.

Rep. Harry Shiver (R – Bay Minette) carried the bill through the session and said he was glad to be able to help the people of the Rosinton community.

“I know this was an issue that many of them were concerned about with some recent annexations near them, so this was the best way we felt to try to help make sure the Rosinton community can remain its own separate, protected community,” Shiver said. “This was really a community-driven effort, so credit where credit is due – the people of the Rosinton area have shown they care a lot about their part of this county and want it to stay the way it is.”

The bill, HB136, passed through both houses of the legislature with no votes against it.

Rosellen Coggin, one of the Rosinton residents who has helped organize the effort to try to get the constitutional amendment on the ballot, said she appreciated the efforts of Shiver and the rest of the Baldwin County delegation.

“We are excited for the Rosinton Landmark District bill to be passed,” Coggin said. “A big shout out to the Baldwin County delegation for their support of this bill. The passage of this bill on the Nov. 2020 ballot will help in allowing us to maintain our quality of life, preserve our heritage and our little gem of a community known as Rosinton. It will also help in protecting against local municipality taxation.”

The language being placed on the ballot for the Nov. 2020 election for voters to choose “yes” or “no” on reads:

“Relating to Baldwin County, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to define the Rosinton Landmark District within the county and to prohibit the annexation by local law of any property within the district into any municipality except under certain conditions.”

Shiver said he and other delegation members were proud to get the bill through this session.

“Now, it’s up to the people to vote and decide,” Shiver said. “It’s all about giving the people the ability to choose what they want to do. That’s what we’re supposed to do.”