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July 10, 2019 - Orange Beach, AL - (OBA®) - On July 9, 2019 at approximately 11:17 PM two Officers of the Orange Beach Police Department were engaged in a traffic stop in the 28000 Block of Perdido Beach Bld. East of Perdido Pass. A third Orange Beach Police Officer in the area observed a 1998 GMC Sierra Pick-Up travelling East at a very high rate of speed in the direction of the previous stop.

The third officer had turned around to initiate a stop on the speeding vehicle, but did not have a chance before the speeding vehicle struck a police unit. The collision caused one police unit to strike a second unit before coming to rest in the roadway. No Officers were injured in the crash.

   The driver of the 1998 GMC Pick-up was unresponsive and appeared to have been killed in the impact. Orange Beach Police contacted ALEA and requested that the crash be investigated by their agency. The scene was turned over to ALEA. Further comment as to cause of the crash and identification of the driver of the GMC Pick-Up should be directed to ALEA.