Orange Beach Police K9 Unit
By Orange Beach Police Dept.
February 25, 2019 - (OBA®) - Thanks to the support of the City of Orange Beach and the Orange Beach Police Benevolent Fund and the kind generosity of our citizens who supported their efforts with the Paw Ball Fundraiser, we were able to purchase two new canines for the canine program.
After 10 Weeks of training with their handlers, Canine Officers Bane and Magnum have joined the force.
We originally had asked for suggestions in the naming of the canine officer's, however Bane and Magnum were given names prior to pairing with a handler.
Pictured are (Left to Right) Officer T. Haveard and K-9 Bane, Corporal M. Binion and K-9 Perseus, Program Coordinator Sergeant B. Johnson and K-9 Axel, Officer K. Hobbs and K-9 Magnum, Officer B. Giles and K-9 Sadie. 

The Orange Beach Police Department is forever grateful for the commitment of our elected leaders and the community for their continued support of the Canine Program.