Red Snapper For Hire Season Charter Boats


March 7, 2019 - Orange Beach, AL - (OBA®) - The 2019 red snapper fishing season for federally permitted for-hire vessels is 62 days in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Season dates are:

  • Federally Permitted For-Hire Vessels: June 1, 2019, 12:01 a.m., local time, until August 2, 2019, at 12:01 a.m., local time.
  • Private Anglers Note:  The Gulf states will each set their private angling season.  Please check with your state agency for specific dates and read below.


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  • The red snapper total recreational quota is 7,399,000 pounds.  57.7% is allocated to the private angling component and 42.3% is allocated to the for-hire component. 
  • For the for-hire component:
    • The 2019 annual catch target for the federal for-hire component is 2,848,000 pounds whole weight.
    • The number of days for the federal for-hire component to harvest its annual catch target was projected using recent catch rates and mean weights.
  • For the private angling component:
    • NOAA Fisheries issued exempted fishing permits for 2018 and 2019 that allow each Gulf state (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida) to set the season for the private angling component for red snapper caught in state and federal waters that are landed in that state.  Each state will provide a separate announcement notifying anglers when their season will open and close. 
    • Private anglers with the appropriate state licenses are exempt from the federal closure and are able to land fish caught in federal waters only during seasons specified by the states. 
    • States will monitor red snapper private angler landings and close their seasons if the state’s assigned quota is reached or projected to be reached.



  • Vessels with a Federal Gulf Charter/Headboat Permit for Reef Fish:
    • Persons aboard a federally permitted for-hire vessel cannot fish for or possess red snapper in federal or state waters when the federal for-hire season is closed.
    • If the federal permit is transferred off the vessel, persons aboard the vessel cannot, any time during that fishing year, fish for or possess red snapper in federal waters when the federal for-hire season is closed.
    • These restrictions apply even if the vessel is not acting as a charter vessel, for example, the captain is taking his family fishing.
    • These restrictions apply regardless of any other permit on the vessel.
    • Relevant regulations: 50 CRF 622.39(c) and 622.41(q)(2)(iii)(B).
  • Anglers fishing from private vessels:
    • When fishing for red snapper in federal waters, private anglers will need a permit, license, or registration from the state in which they intend to land the fish. 
    • Anglers can fish anywhere in federal waters, including in federal waters off a state with a closed season, if the red snapper season is open in the state where they intend to land.
    • Private anglers must follow all other requirements for landing in the state and abide by the federal bag limit (maximum two fish per person) and size limit (minimum 16 inches total length) when fishing in federal waters.
    • For information on state regulations:
      • Florida, please go to or call 850-487-0554
      • Alabama, please go to
      • Mississippi, please call 228-374-5000 or go to
      • Louisiana, please call 504-284-2032
      • Texas, please call 512-389-4620 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • State licensed for-hire vessels without a Federal Gulf Charter/Headboat Permit for Reef Fish:
    • The exempted fishing permits do not allow for-hire vessels to fish for or possess red snapper in or from federal waters without a federal for-hire permit.
    • Please see state regulations relative to fishing for red snapper in state waters.
  • Vessels with a Federal Gulf of Mexico Commercial Reef Fish Permit:
    • Persons aboard the vessel can recreationally fish for red snapper when the private angling season is open, if they declare they are recreationally fishing when they hail out through the vessel monitoring system – VMS, or call-in system.
    • While on a recreational trip, each person aboard is restricted to the bag limit, no commercial quantities of any reef fish species can be on board, and the fish may not be sold.
    • This does not apply if the vessel also has a Federal Gulf Charter/Headboat Permit for Reef Fish (see above).
    • Relevant regulations: 50 CFR 622.39(b), 622.28(e), 622.38(a)(2).