Swim with the mermaids on Caribe Marina’s new cruise in Orange Beach, Alabama.

By John Mullen

July 8, 2019 – Orange Beach, AL – (OBA®) – When Chris Logel of Caribe Marina was looking for something different to offer visitors in the busy summer season, he found inspiration when he thought about what his young daughters might enjoy.

Caribe Marina offers a variety of traditional services, but Logel says customers come in looking for variety.

Caribe Marina in Orange Beach, Alabama, offers both dolphin and mermaid cruises.“It’s such a great vacation destination and families come every year,” Logel said. “They come and stay at the same condo, they eat at the same restaurants but they do come in quite a bit and say what’s new to do. We’ve done dolphin cruises, we’ve parasailed, we go fishing but is there anything new because we’ve been coming down every year and frankly, we want to try something different.”

So, he began looking inward and thinking like a family man and what his family would enjoy.

“I’ve got a 7-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old daughter and I see the pirate ship go by all the time and I thought that was such a good idea,” he said. “I was really looking for just something else to provide families with for entertainment down here. That was born out of what would families like, what would my family like to do.

“We came up with this mermaid cruise.”

The Caribe Cruiser is used for both dolphin and mermaid cruises out of Caribe Marina in Orange Beach, Alabama.On Wednesdays and Fridays this summer, two or three times a day Logel provides mermaid cruises on his dolphin cruise boat, the Caribe Cruiser. He’ll have the mermaids, sometimes two but usually, three, taken to a nearby island and wait for the cruise to pull up in the shallow water just off shore.

“We patterned it a lot after our dolphin cruise,” Logel said. “We even jokingly tell people that we guarantee dolphins on our dolphin cruise and we guarantee mermaids on our mermaid cruse. We take them out ahead of time. We’ll either send them out there with something or take them out there ahead of time.”

Both mermaid and dolphin cruises last an hour and a half on the covered pontoon boat that also has a bathroom and cold water for guests.

Depending on how many cruises there are – they are available at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. – the mermaids may have to spend a long day out on the island. Logel says they don’t mind.

Caribe Marina in Orange Beach, Alabama, offers both dolphin and mermaid cruises.“They bring a pack with them, food and drink and water and I was worried about that at first,” Logel said. “But after talking to potential mermaids in interviews they have basically have said I sit on the beach all day every day anyway. In between the cruises, they take the mermaid tails off and sunbathe, play on their phones or read a book. They’re basically on their own private beach it feels like.”

When the kids show up, its showtime.

“We drive over looking for mermaids so to speak and when we get over to where they are, we pull the boat over into shallow water,” Logel said. “We actually give the people the opportunity to get off the boat right next to where the mermaids are. They can walk over, they can talk with them, interact with and even swim with the mermaids.

“Depending on the size of the trip and the kids’ interaction we spend about 30 minutes there. Sometimes it’s a bit shorter if the kids seem to have lost interest and some kids do. Some kids can’t get enough of it. They just want to sit on the mermaid’s laps and take pictures.” Logel his crews can also take pictures for the customers and give them a digital copy to take home.

They also get told a good story during the mermaid search.

According to the website, The Mermaids swam right out of a fairy tale to make contact with Caribe Marina. They requested the Marina’s assistance in collecting enchanted seashells to protect their home. They told the crew there was magic within every child that seashells naturally gather for protection.

Bookings for your mermaid trip aboard the Caribe Cruiser will remain available through the summer season.

Caribe Marina in Orange Beach, Alabama, offers dolphin and mermaid cruises.