A conceptual rendering of the proposed Wolf Bay Bridge in Orange Beach, Alabama.

By John Mullen

August 29, 2019 – Orange Beach, AL – (OBA®) – Will the Wolf Bay Bridge get built?

“We’re going to put it on hold and continue and negotiate and see if maybe in the future something can happen but right now it’s on hold,” Mayor Tony Kennon said. “At this point in time, we have not been able to come to a deal with Mr. (George) Barber that we feel like justifies building the bridge. We’re just going to put it on hold until he reevaluates and, in his reevaluation, decides that he can work with us on what we need to make it a possibility.

Tony Kennon caption 1“We need all of his property to come into Orange Beach and that’s no secret.”

Much of the land that would serve for the northern footing of the bridge is owned by George Barber including Barber Marina to the east.

“There’s no bad faith or ill will with Mr. Barber it’s just that there’s differencing of opinions on what’s best for each of us,” Kennon said.

Two other property owners listed as having property in the area are David Lawrenz and Century Plaza Company. The Lawrenz parcel is already in Orange Beach’s city limits and Century Plaza Company’s tax records list the same Birmingham address as BarberMarina Inc.

Other work like design and going through the permitting process will continue, Kennon said.

“It’s important for Orange Beach to have a deal that benefits us and justifies building a $70 million bridge,” Kennon said. “It’s not to say that Mr. Barber is right or wrong or we’re right or wrong it’s just that at this point we don’t feel like we have a deal that is in our best interest and justifies it.”