Island Fiber of Orange Beach, Alabama, is working to get fiber optic internet to homes in the city.

By John Mullen

January 22, 2020 – Orange Beach, AL – (OBA®) – With fiber now in a handful of homes on Bay La Launch Avenue in Bear Point, Island Fiber now has almost 60 homes in Orange Beach connected to light-speed fiber internet.

Island Fiber representatives attended the quarterly meeting of the Bear Point Civic Association on Jan. 18 and gave an update on the work continuing there.

“We have lit up several people on Bay La Launch already,” General Manager Laine Andrews said. “Oso is actually one of our clients as is Bear Point Harbor. We’re just letting everyone know where we have pulled the fiber and where we will go to next. Basically, all of the north side of Bear Point north of Canal there’s either conduit, fiber or it’s been engineered.”

Resident Eve Arboneaux attended the meeting and was pleased with what she heard there.

“I was pleased with the information provided and learned that the fiber for our street will be laid in about two weeks,” Arboneaux said. “Looking forward to having the fiber installed.”

Andrews said the company was well received and donated service and a television for use in the association’s community center.

“It was great but it always is when we’re over at Bear Point,” Andrews said. “It was a full room. Everybody is receiving us very well and honestly can’t wait for us to get each house turned on.”

In addition to Bay La Launch, the rest of the neighborhood can expect to see it spreading to their homes soon.

“We’re going by our registered customers already and we’re going street by street and as we pull the fiber we’re going ahead and doing direct buries to the homes so that when the installation occurs it’s quick and easy,” Andrews said.

Island Fiber began its work on the south side of Canal Road in the Burkhart area and most of the homes currently with service are in that area.

“We do have several homes on Look Rook that are done and they are taken care of,” Andrews said. “There’s a few houses on Caswell that we haven’t gotten to them yet. We have a majority of Burkhart lit up. Anybody on Burkhart that wants service all they have to do is give us a call and we’ll go light them up.”

The company is planning on finishing up in Bear Point and start making plans to head west hitting the streets on the north side of Canal road.

“It is a hurry up and wait kind of thing between getting everything engineered,” Andrews said. “Our engineer here he’s doing an awesome job of getting everything set up and then we’ve got to have an engineering firm go through and check the roads and we have to have it all located and everything.”

Residents west of Bear Point can expect to be contacted in the coming weeks to attend meetings to learn when the fiber will start flowing in those neighborhoods.

“We had talked about doing something at the community center,” Andrews said. “We report to the city council on a regular basis and I do hope to start having a monthly get together at the community it’s just a matter of getting it on the books and getting everything scheduled.”