OBPD McCleodFebruary 6, 2020 - (OBA®) - Beginning in May of 2016, Orange Beach began experiencing a three and a half year crime spree in which newer model Garmin GPS systems were being stolen off of vessels.
The thieves would strike approximately every six months getting away with ten to fifty thousand dollars’ worth of Garmin systems.
Private video cameras caught the same suspect on two different occasions, but efforts to identify the perpetrator were still fruitless.
Finally in November of 2019, Orange Beach Investigators were able to get identifying information from the license plate the suspect was driving. That information led to the identification of Nathan Thomas McCleod of Miami, FL as a suspect.
Further investigation into Mr. McCleod allowed officers to formulate enough probable cause to apply for and receive warrants of arrest for twenty-one counts of Unlawful Breaking and Entering of a Vehicle (Vessel), twenty counts of Theft of Property 1st and one count of Theft of Property 3rd .
On 6 Feb 2020, The Florida Department of Law Enforcement was able to locate and apprehend Mr. McCleod on the above listed charges.