Orange Beach Animal Care & ControlMay 14, 2018 - Orange Beach, AL - (OBA®) - What a difference a year can make. Before September 2017, officials in Orange Beach, Alabama, didn’t have a procedure in place for addressing people’s concerns about outdoor cats. Today, the city has a thriving Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program. The Orange Beach Animal Care and Control Program (OBACCP) has spayed or neutered more than 150 cats and kittens and adopted out at least 30 to date. The amazing turnaround is due to the hard work of Tom Conerly, Orange Beach’s newest animal control officer.

Conerly, a former military colonel, began his work with TNR in January 2017 — after he and his wife spotted three kittens in their driveway. Three kittens became five, and then nine. Conerly knew something had to be done. Read An Amazing ACO: Tom Conerly Changes City’s Approach to Community Cats on
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