S&S Seafood in Gulf Shores Alabama cooks up fresh seafood daily.
S&S Seafood on West Beach in Gulf Shores cooks fresh seafood and sides daily.
S&S Seafood in Gulf Shores Alabama cooks fresh seafood daily.
S&S sells "tons of shrimp."
By John Mullen
July 1, 2018 – Orange Beach, AL – (OBA®) The cases at S&S Seafood Market at the Waves Grocery complex on West Beach Boulevard in Gulf Shores are full of fresh seafood. Currently, there are four sizes of shrimp plus filets of Grouper, Wahoo, Triggerfish, Snapper, and Tuna Loin.
But hardly any of the fresh offerings leave the store raw.
“I’d say we cook 85 to 90 percent of what we sell here,” owner Scott Bryant said. “We sell a good bit raw, but mostly people want us to cook it for them. A lot of people maybe don’t know how to cook it. And we can do it here for you so easily. We’re set up for it.”
Behind that gleaming counter and through the window is a scratch kitchen where Bryant and staff take all that fresh seafood and make countless to-go plates. Accompanying the seafood are fresh-made southern sides of fried okra, onion rings, new potatoes, mound of fries, corn on the cob, hushpuppies and cucumber and corn salad.
S&S Seafood in Gulf Shores Alabama cooks up fresh seafood daily.“Everything’s from scratch, everything’s my own recipes,” Bryant said. “Our smoked tuna, our gumbo, we make it all.”
Even the sauces. S&S makes its own cocktail, tartar and remoulade sauces as well as “The Sweet Heat” sauce. A fast mover among the homemade delights is his tuna dip.
“The smoked tuna, we sell a ton of our smoked tuna dip,” Bryant said. “We get our tuna in and smoke it in-house. Everything is from scratch. We make everything ourselves.”
Bryant wants the fare coming out of his kitchen to be something you’ll remember and something with a different taste. He scours the back-bayou towns of Louisiana to find unique Cajun spice blends.
“My seasonings, I get them from places like Crawley and Opelousas, Louisiana,” he said. “I try to be a little unique in what we use. Our seasonings come from small places like a place called Bayou Blends. I try to find small places doing their own thing and use them so I can have something that will taste little different than what everybody else is doing.”
His biggest seller by far is shrimp. Tons and tons, he says.
Feeding large groups is also a specialty and in demand on West Beach, home to several sprawling beach house rentals.
S&S Seafood in Gulf Shores Alabama cooks up fresh seafood daily.
Fresh Triggerfish, snapper, grouper and wahoo.
“From here on down for about six miles there’s nothing but beach houses,” Bryant said. “They sleep anywhere from 15 to 30 people. Nowhere can a family go and sit down as a family and eat, all 30 people. This is a great way they can have real seafood, it’s the real thing. They can come here and get it, go back to their beach house and they can sit down as a whole family.
Most nights they’re all kind of going off doing their own thing. This is where one night out of the week they’ll pick up here and the whole family can eat together and have a big meal.”
Bryant is a Gulf Coast native who up until about seven years ago owned a bar in Atlanta.
“The people who owned this building are actually some friends of my family,” he said. “They had seen this place here that had went out of business and was doing something similar. He called me up and said I should take a look at this place because it might be something I’d be interested in.
“I had kind of been wanting to get out of the bar business. I grew up fishing, with boats and shrimp around the whole community. A lot of people that catch a lot of what we have I’ve known them all my life.”
Bryant says the menu changes often as the fresh catch varies throughout the year so be sure to call or stop by to see what’s in the case and soon to be on the grill or in the fryer.
For more information visit the S&S Seafood page on the Orange Beach Community Website.