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By John Mullen

March 21, 2018 Update:


March 8, 2018 – Orange Beach, AL (OBA) – Orange Beach’s homegrown Operation Reconnect is hoping to make its biggest splash ever by hosting up to 300 military families in vacation accommodations May 9-16.

In a Skype connection from Afghanistan during a March 6 city council meeting founder Ryan Charrier announced Fighter Wing Week will welcome the 442nd Fighter Wing home from Kandahar, Afghanistan.
Ryan Charrier
“Hello from Afghanistan,” Charrier said. “Right now, it’s about to turn four o’clock in the morning. Thank you for giving us the time. We’d like to give them the opportunity to reconnect on the beautiful beaches of my hometown of Orange Beach. The support and generosity from all the members of the community and the condo owners from around the country has been phenomenal.”
Operation Reconnect was started by Charrier in 2015 to help ease the transition back home for service members coming off of deployment from Afghanistan and the Middle East. Chris Litton with the City of Orange Beach is aiding the effort on the ground in town.
“Those service members and their families then have time to decode and reconnect with each other before they get back to the daily grind of life back here,” Litton said.
Condo owners and vacation rental companies can donate by visiting the Fighter Wing Week page on the Operation Reconnect website.
Charrier said service members give up valuable time with their families during deployments and the beach vacations help them reestablish those relations after their overseas tours.
“That’s probably the number one sacrifice from our military is time apart from their families, missing special holidays, birthdays, anniversaries,” he said. “We even had a few guys on the last deployment that missed the birth of their children.”
Mayor Tony Kennon looked over the gathered crowd and said there were possible donors to the cause in the audience.
“Ryan, the right people are in the room to make those rooms happen, hint, hint,” he said. “We appreciate you guys more than you know. We’ll do everything we can to make that happen. Please stay in touch with Chris so we can connect.”
Councilman Jerry Johnson thanked Charrier and the airmen gathered with him in front of an A-10 Warthog close-support airplane at the Afghanistan base.
“I want to thank for your entire unit for all your service,” Johnson said. “You are honored here and we appreciate your sacrifice. Coming as families, you are coming to a family-oriented city. We’re going to welcome you with arms wide open.”
Councilwoman Joni Blalock offered the city’s support to military families when they come to town.
“Tell them while they are here not to hesitate to come by the city if they need anything,” she said.
Charrier said the beach is a perfect place and opportunity for the families to reconnect and praised the support of the program in the past.
“I can’t do this on my own,” he said. “I have a great team plus we need support from everybody in the community. We look forward to bringing a lot of these members down in May. We look forward to getting Fighter Wing Week established.”
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