Island Time Daiquiris at The Wharf wing menu.

By John Mullen

September 9, 2018 – Orange Beach, AL (OBA®) – It’s football season and your team is playing at Island Time Daiquiri Bar at The Wharf.

“It’s the biggest little sports bar on the island,” owner Bobby Graves said. Graves recently shut down for a few days to make improvements like a shiny new bar top, new coating for the floor and some new furniture.

Most importantly, he’s added a bunch of TVs, too, "We turned some 55-inch screens to 65s and a couple of 65s to 80s."

Oh, and he’s added a football game-day food to the Daiquiri Bar, the first time he’s sold food in this location.

“Wings, wings and wings,” Graves said. “What is football without wings? We just completed adding a small kitchen and now we’re working on the flavors.”

One flavor for sure will be the international award-winning Wild Bill’s Wing Sauce. Serving them up will be Graves’ long-time friend Bill Howard himself.

“At first we’ll just have wings on Saturdays and Sundays and see how that goes,” Graves said. “We may look into expanding it to more days if there’s a demand. They will be big, tasty wings just right for the big game.”

Graves started the Daiquiri Bar about five years ago in the season-ending month of August.

“You’re crazy for opening that place,” Graves said he was told. “And you’re opening it at the end of the season. It’ll never make it.”

That was hardly the case. His first foray into the beach economy, the Daiquiri Bar, has been a success story.

During the busy tourist season, thirsty visitors can step into his bar at the far eastern end of The Wharf complex, and walk out with an icy adult beverage. Entertainment district status for the shopping, dining and entertainment venue allows patrons to have drinks outside.

“We have daiquiris, but we also have liquor, cocktails and shots,” he said. “We have beer, draft and bottles.”

Hot wings at Island Time Daiquiris at The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama.

The recipes for the frozen drinks are all his, including a different take on what is probably the most popular frozen cocktail on the Gulf Coast.

“My Bushwacker is a little bit different because of the liquors we put in it,” he said. “But my Orange Beach Attitude, with 190 proof grain alcohol and whipped cream vodka make it taste just like a dreamsicle.

“I came up with the recipes myself. You just play with it. I don’t use any of the chain brands or stuff like that to do it. If you overthink it, it’s not going to be good. If you keep it simple, it’s good.”

Running a car business in Louisiana was Graves’ staple for many years, but he sold his dealerships and moved to Orange Beach to decide what he wanted to do.

“I was a Chevrolet dealer for 20 years,” he said. “I sold out and came down here. Honestly, I didn’t have anything going on. I didn’t know what I wanted to do if anything.”

He began talking to a buddy back home who was in the bar business and the two talked of a partnership.

“I have a friend of mine who owns a daiquiri bar and we were thinking about partnering, but I didn’t need a partner,” Graves said. “He didn’t know if he wanted to do it. He wound up zigging and I zagged and ended up taking it on myself.

“I learned the bar business one day at the time.”

And it’s been a successful venture, cultivating the tourist crowd in the season and developing locals who regularly come by for a drink or a beer. Most of his bartenders have a loyal following among the locals.

“Luckily, it’s become a local hangout,” Graves said. “We have locally known bartenders that have been taking care patrons for many years."